Terms & Conditions

Products and Services

a) Your Order status message through the site will be approved when you receive confirmation from goframe.id. Confirmation will be sent via email to you.
b) Payment of your order can be done through the transfer of the bank account designated by goframe.co.id
c) Cost of service that you are charged according to the amount of the order price
d) Prices of products and delivery services are subject to change at the discretion goframe.co.id without prior notice.
e) All of the information concerning the offer, gift, promo, promotion of products through media or print media may ask it to our staff or by email to: info@goframe.id.

Payment system Visa / Master

To provide convenience and certainty for the customer in the transaction at www.goframe.co.id, this time we have implemented an online payment system when a customer makes a purchase products online by using the option of a payment system Visa / Master and all transactions will be processed in Indonesian Rupiah.
The payment process for your order, we ensure it secure with Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL) SSL which provide full security to every customer and freedom to shop online without worrying about the possible theft of credit card information.

Transactions through online payment page :

I. Service System
a) Ordering a product through the payment gate away www.goframe.co.id can be do every Monday to Friday at 09.00 s / d 17:00. To make an order on Saturday, Sunday, or Holiday and non-business hours, the ordered goods will be included in the booking inbox and will be processed on the next working day.
b) Each customer will be charged a order fee per transaction mechanism governed solely by www.goframe.co.id
c) exchange the product on order made online can be served only in certain designated site shop.
d) Cancellation of the products that have been ordered can only be done manually (send request for cancellation) to www.goframe.co.id.

II. Procedures Online Booking & Payment
a) The customer can simply login on www.goframe.id. For customers who have not yet registered as a user / member must fill out the registration form in advance to be able to log in and transact on the site www.goframe.id
b) After a successful login, the customer can order the products online, then fill in the booking information and credit card data on the payment page online as follows:
    • The name and address of the customer
    • The type of card used
    • ID cards and credit cards Visa / Master
    • The type and number of products ordered
    • Address of delivery / retrieval products
c) After successfully order the products on the online payment page, followed by the approval for the online transaction has been successfully carried out.
d) Customers are required to click disclaimer ("I agree ...") before making an online payment agreement to the terms and conditions imposed by www.Goframe.co.id
e) The customer pays to the willingness and approval of the transaction by ordering the transaction value, which is marked with the approval of the bank card processor that has been debiting.
f) The customer is then obligated to complete the payment and when the payment transaction has been successfully carried out, we will send a payment receipt via electronic mail (e-mail) to the e-mail address listed in the customer’s personal data within max 1 (one) day after the payment process is completed.
g) The customer is required to retain proof of payment at any time if necessary in the process of confirmation of payment.
h) All transactions will be processed within 1 x 24 hours.
i) Goframe.co.id right to refuse a customer transaction if deemed appropriate.
j) The customer can also make payment orders manually, through the transfer to the bank listed on the check out page and make a payment confirmation on the choice Payment Confirmation (right).
k) credit card that can be processed is a credit card issued by a bank located in Indonesia.
l) If you have carried out transactions in www.goframe.id then you have to agree with all Terms and Conditions contained on this page.


The refund process can be done by sending an email to support@goframe.id. Refunds will be transferred to the account on behalf of the buyer. Refunds can only be done if the products sent are not in accordance with the order or product defects.

 Shipping Products

a) Delivery of products will be carried out after receiving confirmation of payment via GoFrame Payment Confirmation (located on the home page of the site) for transactions conducted customer max 1x24 hour working day. Customers can find out the status of the booking by using the option on the Order History My Profile located on the right side (customers are requested to log in first)
b) Delivery can be done on the same day if the product order and confirmation of payment to Goframe.id before 10:00 am (weekdays). This applies to reservations over the phone to the Denpasar area and specifically for small items.
c) Cost of product delivery will be charged to the customer. Mechanism fully adapted to the cost of courier delivery charges are used, and are not charged if the delivery area is within an area defined by GoFrame.
d) Goframe.co.id not responsible for damage to goods / packages caused by third party such as courier services used.
e) Delivery of products using courier services:
    • Courier GoFrame (Denpasar area)
    • JNE (Outside Bali)
    • EMS, DHL, FedEx for international customers 

Product warranty
a) The warranty is given as the customer meets all the terms and conditions set by GoFrame.
b) The warranty applies only in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia.
c) Specific products that have the official warranty of the product purchased, then GoFrame can only assist in warranty claims on those products (during the warranty is still valid and must include a warranty card and receipt of purchase)
d) The warranty does not apply if:
    • Invoice and original warranty card is damaged, lost or can not be shown
    • The product has been dismantled by parties other than the provider of warranty.
    • Items purchased a product clearance sale, last stock, display.
    • Items damaged in shipping or expedition. We always ensure every product in 100% condition before delivered.
    • Damaged by animals or insects such as lizards, mice, and so on.
    • Products are damaged due to improper installation or use, accidents, falls, natural disaster, lightning strike, liquids, changes in electrical voltage, and so forth. 

Anticipation of abusing Art Prints page

a) That the image entered into the 'Art Prints' page meets the standard terms and condition of goframe.id. But if turns out the image is protested and contrary to applicable laws and rules, goframe.id is not responsible because the owner of copyright in this case is the vendor concerned.

b) goframe.id will help to facilitate and check if there are complaints and will block or remove a content if there is strong evidence of violation of the law.

Anticipation of abusing Online Credit Card Transactions
a) Anticipation via website:
    • Customers are required to register as a member on the site www.goframe.id to provide detailed information about the data itself and the type of card used when making payment via credit card.
    • Goframe.co.id will add key questions for customers who will make payments online.
    • The key question will always arise whenever a customer will make approval for the transaction to be committed.
b) Verification via phone.
    • Goframe.co.id will conduct verification via telephone to ensure that customers are concerned is the owner of the credit card transactions online. 

Complaints or Questions
If you have questions or concerns, you can contact info@goframe.id

Settlement and the Law
a) The terms and conditions listed on the site goframe.co.id regarding our products and services are protected by the Act and the laws that apply in Indonesia.
b) Any disputes arising from the implementation of the site as well as the services provided by your goframe.co.id be settled amicably and family, unless there are things that are troubling and concerning the crowds will be processed legally.

Note: the contents on this page is subject to change at any time, you are requested to check this page periodically.